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Our Mission



Every student has a unique learning style, which dictates the method of instruction that will best allow him/her to experience higher levels of academic success, increased confidence and strengthened cognitive ability. In order to succeed in this unique educational setting, students often require more than the mere presentation of new material. Peninsula Tutoring offers a more comprehensive service, where students are not only taught the information they will need from day to day, but also throughout their academic careers. From organizational skills to test-taking strategies, we strive to provide students with skills that will prove invaluable across all areas of academia, for life.

It is our mission to incorporate theories of Developmental Psychology in order to address any and all difficulties that may be affecting a young person's academic success. No two students are navigating their academics at the exact same point in their developmental transitions, and as a result, no two tutoring strategies should be exactly the same. Each student must be viewed in the context of where they are developmentally in order to best assist them in achieving the greatest academic success. This is exactly what we do for every student we work with. 

Our team

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Andrew Gipson


Andrew Gipson earned a bachelor's degree in Psychology from Biola University in 1998 and  Master of Arts in Developmental Psychology from San Francisco State University in 2007. Andrew spent the first years of his tutoring career working as a consultant with Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes. In 2003, Andrew branched out and has since founded Peninsula Tutoring. As director of Peninsula Tutoring, Andrew is dedicated to providing a comprehensive tutoring service, meeting the needs of both parents and students as they work to meet the ever-increasing standards for education.

Andrew's education in Developmental Psychology has allowed him to take a comprehensive approach to academic tutoring. Rather than focusing only on cognitive development as other tutoring services do, he has developed a method that takes into account all of the developmental transitions young people are facing to determine the best plan for achieving greater academic success. It truly is where Developmental Psychology meets academic training.


  • B.A., Psychology from Biola University

  • M.A., Developmental Psychology from San Francisco State University


Our Tutors

Stanford University

First and foremost, tutors at Peninsula Tutoring value education. Having been trained at one of the top universities in the country, they possess a deep understanding of the skills necessary to succeed in a rigorous educational environment and a passion for that success. Our tutors bring this passion into each and every tutoring session. They are not merely there to assist with schoolwork, but instead are there to pass that understanding and that passion on to the young people with whom they work.

Our tutors are highly educated and are dedicated to providing students with the necessary tools to succeed in a variety of highly competitive educational environments. Peninsula Tutoring hires Stanford students and alumni who are both highly qualified and experienced in one-on-one tutoring. All tutors are first screened for subject mastery and instructional ability, and are then paired with students based on factors such as subject knowledge and rapport. Weekly meetings with the director allow tutors to update on all student progress, as well as ensure they are using methods of instruction tailored to each individual student.

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