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Female Teacher and Student

Peninsula Tutoring is dedicated to providing students with the necessary tools to succeed in a variety of highly competitive educational environments. The one-on-one, in-home tutoring provided by Peninsula Tutoring is invaluable to both parents and students struggling to keep up with ever-increasing standards. From ensuring students are understanding material presented in class, to supplementing their assigned work, students gain a deeper understanding of the material they are required to master. This is best accomplished with a tutor whose undivided attention is provided through the entirety of each session.

Tutoring is not just for those students who struggle with academics. It can also be a valuable tool for gifted students who have the ability to gain a deeper understanding of the material presented in the classroom. With enrichment tutoring, students are able to dig as deeply as they can into the subjects which interest them the most.


Kids Reading Outdoor

Reading and spelling are complex processes that most people take for granted, as it may not have taken much time or effort for them to master the skills. However, for many students, learning these skills proves quite difficult, as it simply does not come naturally. Subsequently, young people can become insecure and begin to feel that something is wrong with them due to these difficulties. Fortunately, often times all these students need is intensive, focused instruction in order to acquire the ability to read and spell.

Countless programs have been developed that promise to improve student performance, though not all are actually able to deliver. This is why Peninsula Tutoring only employs methods that are research-based and that have proven effective in teaching students the skills they need in order to develop proper reading and spelling abilities. Through one-on-one, intensive work, students at Peninsula Tutoring see the results they are looking for that allow them to live up to their true potential.


Notebook and Pen

The ability to communicate via the written word is invaluable in educational settings, and in life. Despite this, many schools simply do not devote enough time to developing writing skills. All students find a portion of their time devoted to grammar instruction, but rarely do they focus on the writing process as a whole. As a result, many young people find themselves inadequately prepared for the demands of high school and eventually college.

We believe one part of the problem is that students receive a different method for writing with each teacher they have. They are never introduced to a comprehensive method for taking the information they have in their heads, and getting it onto the page. We have developed a program that fixes this problem. The Writing Clinic at Peninsula Tutoring provides students with the tools needed to be successful writers, from organizing thoughts in a cohesive manner, to forming well-structured sentences, to editing work for content and clarity. Students who complete the program end up having developed superior writing skills, for life.


Math Formulas

Nearly every student struggles with Math at one point or another. Every day new material is presented, and teachers are not always successful at getting through to each and every student in the classroom. More often than not, learning concepts in a one-on-one setting allows students to gain a deeper understanding of material, ask questions as they work through lessons, and develop proper problem-solving habits.

Math is not the type of subject one can get through by critical thinking. With subjects such as Language Arts or the Social Sciences, students can use past knowledge and their own personal experience with the world to critially think through assignments successfully. With Math, often times the concepts are not ones that a student would be able to come to without direct instruction. The one-on-one learning environment that Peninsula Tutoring provides is ideal for this type of instruction.

Test prep

Students Taking Note

An important aspect of educational success is the ability to prepare for and perform well on standardized testing. Private high schools and colleges use such tests as an important tool in their admissions processes. Peninsula Tutoring provides students with the skills necessary to perform well on a wide array of standardized entrance exams.


Specific focus of instruction varies depending upon the test a student is preparing for, but one aspect that remains constant is the implementation of test-taking strategies, which promote success across all standardized tests. These strategies allow students not only to maximize their potential to perform well on the specific exam they are preparing for, but also for any exams required of them in the future.

Educational Consulting

Small Meeting

Making decisions about what is best for a student can be one of the most daunting tasks a parent is ever faced with. This is particularly true when parents do not work in education and therefore do not fully understand how the system works. Sometimes parents could use a professional in their corner who understands not only their needs, but also how to navigate the system in order to achieve the goals they have set for their child's education.

Peninsula Tutoring offers educational consulting services for those parents faced with difficult decisions about their children's education. Over the course of nearly two decades, we have worked with nearly every school on the peninsula, public or private.This gives us a unique ability to consult with parents, assisting them in making the best decisions possible for their children.


Taking a Test

Having a quantitative measure of a student's cognitive abilities can assist parents in making the important decisions necessary for academic success. A proper testing battery will cover all the specific areas of a young person's cognitive development and will be nationally normed according to age and grade levels.

Peninsula Tutoring provides a full-service evaluation that covers the following areas:

     - Receptive vocabulary

     - Expressive vocabulary

     - Reading rate, accuracy, and fluency

     - Reading comprehension

     - Oral language comprehension

     - Mathematics (computation and story problems)

     - Writing

All tests are nationally normed to give us the ability to determine where a student is performing compared to his/her peers. This invaluable information can assist parents in making the best decisions possible for their children.

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