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Education of the highest standard

Any age, any grade - where Developmental Psychology meets academic training

ABOUT Peninsula Tutoring

Since its founding in 2003, Peninsula Tutoring has worked with countless parents and students on the Peninsula, helping families navigate the challenging academic environment unique to Silicon Valley. Whether it is academic tutoring, targeted reading instruction, or educational consulting, Peninsula Tutoring is here to help. Using a unique approach that taps into research-based, developmentally appropriate methods, Peninsula Tutoring sets itself apart from other services that do not take a multi-faceted approach to finding a path to success for every student, regardless of age or ability. At the end of the day, the goal is, and always has been, to improve the academic performance of young people by providing them with the necessary skills to thrive in a tough academic environment.

In a Meeting

meet the Director

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Andrew Gipson, M.A.

Andrew Gipson earned a bachelor's degree in Psychology from Biola University in 1998 and  Master of Arts in Developmental Psychology from San Francisco State University in 2007. Andrew spent the first years of his tutoring career working as a consultant with Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes. In 2003, Andrew branched out and has since founded Peninsula Tutoring. As director of Peninsula Tutoring, Andrew is dedicated to providing a comprehensive tutoring service, meeting the needs of both parents and students as they work to meet the ever-increasing standards for education.

leading students to success 

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Female Teacher and Student

One-on-one, in-home tutoring can help students better understand what they are learning, as well as allow them to dig deeper into the material. Peninsula Tutoring offers in-home tutoring that covers all academic subjects for students of all ages.


Kids Reading Outdoor
Not all students learn to read and spell independently, particularly those with learning differences. Peninsula Tutoring offers research-based programs to help students learn the mechanics of reading and spelling in order to perform better in school and increase confidence.


Notebook and Pen
Writing is an essential skill in school, and in life. Peninsula Tutoring offers a ground-breaking writing program that allows students to improve their writing from session number one.


Math Formulas
Mathematics is a subject that can challenge students whether they are high-achieving or struggling to keep up. Peninsula Tutoring offers one-on-one math programs to help with all levels of math work.

Test Prep

Students Taking Note
Standardized testing, typically in the form of entrance exams, is a necessary element of academic success. Peninsula Tutoring offers test prep for all major high school and college entrance exams.

Educational Consulting

Small Meeting
Navigating the school system and making decisions about a student's eduction can be a daunting task for parents. Peninsula Tutoring offers consulting services to assist parents in making the best choices for their children.


Taking a Test
Understanding where a student's cognitive strengths and weaknesses are can be invaluable when making decisions about educational paths. Peninsula Tutoring offers battery of tests that can help parents better understand their child's learning profile.

What parents are saying

Heading 2

"Peninsula Tutoring changed my daughter's life. She was struggling, and it was starting to affect her confidence. They came in, helped her see her true potential, and gave her a confidence she didn't have before."

Allison Raymond

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